Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Welcome Home

Yesterday was our annual NASC Holiday Hoo-Rah.  It's the winter gathering where our volunteer staff gets together to enjoy holiday snacks and a white elephant gift exchange.

I carpooled to Omaha with my friends, Kelli and Keith.  We had to detour to the airport to pick up our friend Andy, who flew in from New Hampshire for the holidays.

Kelli made a sign to help welcome her:

In case you are wondering, the present that I am holding is not a present for Andy.  It is my white elephant gift for the Hoo-Rah.  I was so distracted by the fact that we were running late that I forgot to leave it in the car.

Since Andy didn't know that Keith was going to be a part of our carpool, we devised a plan while we waited for Keith to run up to Andy and do a spinning hug when she arrived.

We experimented with several different locations for Keith to hide:

I stood on the lookout while Kelli and Keith stood back.  Here is what happened next:

She was so surprised that all she could do was laugh.  I think she liked her welcoming committee!

My favorite quotation of the night happened at baggage claim when Andy said, "I have to keep touching you guys to make sure this is real!"

We are so glad you're home, Andy!

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