Saturday, April 16, 2011

Football Preview

Today was Brother's Spring football game at Peru State College.  Conveniently, the date of his Spring game is always on the same day as the Huskers' Spring game, forcing me to choose between supporting family and supporting my alma mater.

Family wins.  Every time.

A fun thing about Brother's football stadium is that they don't have a pet policy.  In fact, dogs are welcomed there.  I'm pretty sure that Memorial Stadium would never consider such a policy.

So, I packed up Harper, and we headed to Peru.  She really is a good passenger.

My parents absolutely love spending time with their grand-dog, and they delight in having her around:

It's hard to evaluate the performance of the team, since Peru's Spring game (like most) was merely a scrimmage.  Brother played for most, if not all of the game.

At least I think he did.  I'm afraid that I may have spent more time watching this little monster than I spent watching football.

She's cute, no?

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