Sunday, April 24, 2011

Please, Don't Judge.

The season of Easter came and went this year.  I hate how little time I spent focusing on it this year.  It would be easy for me to make excuses about how moving into a new house, trying to raise a new puppy, or trying to get my students to pass their state reading tests got in the way.  But I know better than to do that.  And I know that next year I must do better.

I went home to Superior for the weekend, just as I always do.  When we got home (on Good Friday), this basket was waiting for Harper on the living room floor:

It was full with toys and treats.  Harper was elated!

She must be something special, because it is against my parents' fashion to offer gifts before the actual day of the holiday.  Andrew and I had to wait until Sunday for ours.

Yes, I'm a 23-year-old, and my parents still give my brother and I Easter baskets.  Please don't judge.

Usually, we try to take a nice family photo on each holiday, but this one was a fail.

Please don't judge my family's lack of tidiness.  Harper tore up my dad's newspaper, and spread it all over the floor.  Normally, the place is spotless.

Also, please don't judge my hair.  I was very tired and didn't wake up in time to shower.  Ick.

Finally, please don't judge my brother.  He removes dress clothes as soon after church as possible, regardless of whether or not his sister would like to take a family photo.  Also, he knows how much it irks me when he chooses not to smile for a picture.  Dang it.

I gave up altogether on taking pictures before my dad even got home.  I know a lost cause when I see one.

But, after these [hideous] photographs, a lovely Easter lunch ensued, and our family was able to spend a delightful afternoon together.  And that, more than tidy houses, clean hair, and cute photos, is what really matters.

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