Saturday, February 19, 2011

Didn't See That One Coming

I was so looking forward to today... getting to spend time with my family.

During class, however, I got a phone call that shook things up a bit.  It was my apartment complex office telling me that, "it has come to their attention that I have a puppy, which is a strict violation against my lease."  Apparently, it says in my lease that they only allow dogs over the age of twelve months.

They have seen Harper, and she is clearly not twelve months old.

So, I was a teary-eyed mess for the last hour of my class today.  I raced home to hug my dog and ask my family to help me problem solve.

I decided to go immediately to talk to my manager to see what my options were.  Basically, I have to give up the dog or move out within thirty days.

The lady was also kind enough to give me her husband's contact information.  Apparently, he is the best real estate agent in town.  How nice of her!  She kicks me out of my apartment and then wants me to buy a house from her husband.  Fat chance.

So, I am here to announce that I am moving.

My dear friend Kelli is going house hunting with me tomorrow, and I'm headed to the bank on Monday to see how much money they think I can spend on a house.  I hate making these kinds of decisions so quickly, but thirty days doesn't give me much wiggle room.  I only wish that I didn't also have to deal with parent-teacher conferences this week.

Oh, well.

I keep telling myself that this is happening for a reason.  And I am trusting in the Lord with all my heart and not leaning on my own understanding.  I am submitting to him, for I know that He will make my paths straight.

It's all I know to do.

Wish me luck!

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