Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Harper's World

So far, things are going pretty well with Harper around.  Each night, she cries less and less when I put her in her kennel, she is having fewer "accidents" inside, and I have figured out how to blockade her out of the spaces in which she is not allowed.

Here are some things Harper loves:

Her Aunt Kelli

Her Aunt Ashley


Her Kong toy with peanut butter inside

Looking out the window


Here, on the other hand, are things that Harper strongly dislikes:

Being in her kennel


Being drug on a leash

I'm a bit nervous to go back to school tomorrow after being home for two snow days.  On her first day at home, she made it all day without any "accidents" in her kennel.  She was spoiled having me home all day these past two days because she didn't have to hold it, as I was able to take her out every few hours.

Please pray that I will come home tomorrow to a clean dog in a clean kennel!

Thank you.

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