Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Spend the Last Weekend of Summer

1.  Go to the BBQ that your principal has so kindly agreed to host.

2.  Enjoy an animated storytelling experience.

3.  When you get back to town, take advantage of Kohl's extended shopping hours.

4.  Escort your friends' daughter around the store, allowing her to pick up anything she wants off of the shelves.  After all, you are not the one who ultimately has to tell her "no."

5.  Take pictures as your friends try on the most awful pairs of shoes in the store.

6.  Enjoy the husband's reaction when he is asked which of the pairs of shoes he would prefer that his wife purchase.

7.  Teach a two-year-old the thrill of shoe shopping.

8.  Allow for one more pair to be tried on.

9.  Pat yourself on the back for walking out of the store empty-handed.

10.  Go to bed.  It's been a long day.

1.  Sleep in past noon.
2.  Make yourself some lunch.

3.  Lay down on the couch and take a four-hour nap.

4.  Wake up with the intention of going to do some work at school.

5.  Remember that you promised yourself you wouldn't go to school over the weekend.  Instead, watch a good Lifetime movie or two.

6.  Agree to get dressed and go with some friends for a late-night dinner at Village Inn.

7.  Splurge for a piece of pie.

8.  Rent a movie and watch it with friends.

9.  Force yourself to go to bed, even though you slept for 16 out of the last 24 hours.

1.  Go to church.  Pray for strength that will carry you through the weeks ahead.

2.  Go to Omaha for a meeting.  Resist every urge to go to the Teacher Store.

3.  Bake some banana bread for your co-workers.  And some cookies for yourself.

4.  Ignore all the regrets you have for not cleaning, doing laundry, or working on school-related things over the weekend.  Enjoy laying on the couch and watching Remember the Titans.

5.  Set alarms for 6:00 and go to bed early.  You're going to need your rest, because ready or not, the kids are coming this week.

And that, my friends, is the perfect weekend with which to end summer.

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