Wednesday, August 11, 2010

State of the Classrooms

It's crunch time.  Tomorrow, we have meetings from 8:00-3:30, and our 6th grade open house begins at 4:00.  Students and their families will be in our classrooms, so today was the last day we had to get them in presentable shape.  For the record, I walked out of the building tonight at 9:35, just before heading to Wal-Mart to buy some last-minute supplies.

We had meetings this morning, but we had the afternoon free to work in our classrooms.  At the beginning of our work time, our classrooms looked like this:

Tiffany's Room

Barbara's Room

Taylor's Classroom:

My Classroom:

Remember the non-existent word wall I mentioned yesterday?

Still non-existent.  But rest assured, I stayed at school until 9:30 tonight in attempt to have something on that wall for tomorrow.

I have been way a teensy bit stressed out about the state of my classroom.  It's nowhere near where I want it to be.  Thankfully, I have one co-worker whose room makes me feel good about my progress.

Steph's Classroom:

As of noon today, it had hardly been touched.

We spent much of today's work time doing things like:

Cutting out lamination:

Working on lesson plans:

And posing for pictures:

It was a long, exhausting, busy day, but good progress was made.

Lest any of you are still thinking that Steph is a slacker for having done nothing to her room, I shall show you the condition it was in when I left at 9:30:

As you can see, Steph works quickly.

In closing, a celebration:  Today's 'Person of the Day' award goes to Mrs. Cownie for hanging out and helping all of us out tonight.

(Applause, please)

We owe you big time, Am!

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