Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Twas the Night Before School

'Twas the night before school
And all through the halls,
All the teachers were stirring
And decorating the walls.

Summer has quickly come and gone,
We had our time in the sun.
Now, a new school year is starting
And we have to get things done.

Open House was on Thursday,
All of our new students came
Although they will be wonderful,
Things won't quite be the same.

We talked with all our students,
And put their worries at ease,
Assuring them that with hard work,
6th grade will be a breeze.

Today began our crunch time,
There was so much to do.
But with meeting after meeting,
The to-do lists only grew.

Cutting out lamination,
Labeling everything in sight
Spending hours upon hours
Making everything look just right.

Planning, stapling, and moving,
Making everything look nice,
Asking others for input,
Kind words, or some advice.

We're making some big changes,
Cooperative learning, to name one
In everything we do and learn,
We want students to have fun.

And so we go on planning,
with students' best interests in mind
But we can't help feeling
That feeling of being behind.

4:00 came too quickly,
Many teachers were long gone.
Not my team, however...
8:00, and still going strong.

We're so thankful for the team we have,
Willing to work past the "end" of the day,
Helping out each other,
Making working seem more like play.

And now, it's time to go to bed
We've done all we could do.
Tomorrow is the start of a new school year,
May it be wonderful for all of you!

"A Hard Day's Work"

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