Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kids These Days

I had to miss two days of school this week in order to attend a training on part of our 6th grade Health curriculum.

I hate being gone, mostly because I worry about what is and what is not happening in my classroom.  I had a great sub this week, so I wasn't worried about things getting done.  I was worried, however, about how well (or not well) my kids were behaving.

Last year, I got in the habit of bringing my classes a reward of some type if I had a good sub note when I returned.  They really bought into that positive reinforcement.

So, I offered the same this year.

When I returned to school on Thursday, I told them that they did get two positive notes from the substitute and that I would be bringing donuts on Friday.  I also told them that if they wanted, they could bring a drink to class to enjoy with their donuts.

I did the same thing for my students last year, so I didn't think much of it.

Last year, my students brought drinks like these:

Apparently, the trends have changed.

When I walked into my classroom on Friday morning, there were a few students with juice, Gatorade, and soda, but the overwhelming majority had brought drinks like these:

Kids these days...

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