Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Old Wives Tale

After parent-teacher-student conferences on Thursday, my co-workers and I decided to go to dinner at Lazlo's.  Our lunch is at 10:45, so by the time we left conferences, we were quite hungry.

After dinner, the conversation somehow shifted toward some strange approach to determining the quantity and gender of future children that is some kind of old wives tale.

Steph was the one who shared it with us, and she swears that it has proven to be true for all the women in her family.

Here's how it (supposedly) works:

1.  Put a ring or needle around some sort of string or chain.  In this case, we used Amber's wedding ring around the chain of one of her necklaces.

2.  Figure out a system to suspend the chain and ring above your hand.  One way to achieve this is to hang the chain from a fork, which sits across the top of a glass:

3.  Watch intently as the ring moves.  If it moves back and forth, it means you'll be having a girl.  If it moves around in circles, it means a boy is in your future.

4.  Note that after moving for a while, the ring will stop.  If and when it starts back up again, it means that you are meant to have more than one child.

6.  Note:  It might take a while to get going or to "pick up your vibes."  Do not panic yet.

7.  Smile once the ring does move, knowing that children are, in fact, in your future.

8.  When the ring stops for good, it means that you are meant to have only the amount of children that was previously indicated by the swinging motion of the ring.

9.  When you have finished, make your husband try to see if he gets the same outcome.  You really hope that the outcome is the same for both of you.

10.  Make sure to take time to laugh at the fact that you actually spent thirty minutes of your life exploring this old wives tale.

For the record, I am not buying it.

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