Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Night Adventure

I love Labor Day weekend.  It means I have one extra day to put off all the things I normally do on Sundays.  So, today I took full advantage of my extra free day.

Things I did do today:
  • I slept in past noon.  Like, way past noon.  
  • I sat on my couch all day and watched movies.  Labor Day weekend is good for TV movies.  I watched Pretty Woman, Legally Blonde II, and Waiting and then decided to watch some regular TV.  
  • I wasted my life away on Facebook and reading some blogs.  
  • I did some online shopping (or, browsing, rather), which is much cheaper than actually leaving my apartment and going shopping.
Things I did not do today:
  • Clean my apartment
  • Do my laundry
  • Grade papers
  • Make lesson plans
At around 8:00, just about the time I was about to tackle the things on my "Things I did not do today" list, I got a call from Ashley and Jeremy wanting to know if I wanted to go to Adventure Golf.  Until tonight, I hadn't been miniature golfing since I was maybe twelve years old.  It sounded like fun.

While we were on our way, Kelli and Keith called to see if we were interested in going to see a movie.  Instead, we invited them to come to Adventure Golf with us.

Before I show pictures, I should clarify that I am never good at anything that involves hand-eye coordination.  Thus, miniature golfing is not my forte.

Things started out all good and well...

Until we came to a hole that looked kind of like this one:

You are supposed to hit the ball into a hole on higher ground so that the ball can roll through some hidden PVC pipe and out into a hole on lower ground.

I was the last hitter, and I saw that it was taking my friends several attempts just to get the ball into the top hole.  So, I decided to make a really hard hit so that the ball would go up and over the top hole and land on the lower green, putting me that much closer to the desired hole.

My first attempt looked good until the ball hit some rocks and bounced right back to where it started.

For my second attempt, I decided to hit the ball harder hoping that it would bypass the rocks.  Instead, it bounced again, this time landing in the bushes.

We searched...

And searched...

And searched some more...

But we didn't see anything.

Ashley came up with the idea to stick the camera into the bushes, hoping that either the flash from the camera would help us find the ball or we would end up seeing the ball in one of the pictures, which would show us where we needed to reach.

No ball here...

Or here...

Or here...

Or even here...

We kept looking...

Until the manager came to our hole and told us to come get a new ball so we could keep moving.  He also mentioned something about not destroying the bushes.

I'm sorry, sir.

He was being more than generous considering we were the last party at the golf course and they had told us when we started that they would be shutting off the lights at 10:30.  It was about 10:45 when I lost this ball, at which time we were three holes away from the end of the course.

Although I placed 5th with a score of 60, I still had a good time.

After golfing, I invited everybody over to my apartment to play Scattegories.

We enjoyed chocolate chip cookies and lots of laughs.

The best answer of the night is awarded to Keith.

The letter:  G
The category:  Things you are afraid of

Keith's response:

Grease fires.

I love my friends.

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