Friday, November 12, 2010

Because Teachers Make Trips Educational

On Friday morning, we drove to downtown Dallas where we met up with Steph's Uncle Jim.

(By the way, we love Uncle Jim.  He was so generous to us throughout our entire stay).

Uncle Jim led us to the location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  It was here, to be exact:

The first shots were fired from this window:

It is also believed that a fourth shot came from this area, known as the "Grassy Knoll."

All of this is now part of what is called the 6th Floor Museum, a museum dedicated to the life and presidency of J.F.K.

Fun fact:  If you are a teacher, admission to this museum only costs $6.00.   If you are not a teacher, it costs $13.50.

This picture was located in the lobby of the museum:

It was the only picture that we were allowed to take.  The rest of the museum really was excellent, and  I learned a lot that I didn't know.  It was a great audiovisual experience, which I would highly recommend to anyone!

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