Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blake Owen or Jake Shelton?

At some point while we were at the Stockyards, Russ texted us to let us know that some country singer was going to be performing at Billy Bob's.

Billy Bob's is known as the World's Largest Honkey Tonk, and is known for the big-name acts that it draws.  I am not much of a honkey tonk person, but by the expressions of the people with whom I was traveling, I knew that going to this concert was not optional.

Tickets were $20, which, I suppose, is a pretty cheap night of entertainment.

This is the person who was apparently a big deal:

Jake Owen.  Not Blake Shelton.  I can only remember the correct name when I look at the drum in the above pictures.  My co-workers were ashamed that every time they asked me who we were going to see, I couldn't come up with the correct name.  Sorry, friends.

I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed the music.  It's just not my genre.  But I did enjoy the time spent with my dear friends.

But then there was this lady:

who was some sort of Jake Owen stalker.  Her assigned table was seven tables away from ours, but she kept moving around and sitting at other people's tables in order to get a good picture of Jake.  While sitting at the table next to ours, she informed us that "some people would like to actually hear the music" and that she would appreciate it if we would "keep it down."


Lady, you are at a concert.  Which, for all intents and purposes, is located in a bar.  Which holds over 6,000 people.  It's not going to be quiet.  Also, we weren't even being loud.  The people at our table and the people at the table behind ours confirmed that our conversation was not bothersome and that this lady was, in fact, a looney toon.

(steps off soap box)

And so, although I had never heard of Jake Owen before, and I didn't know a single song that was sang, and the crazy photographer lady was rude to us and to many others, I suppose it was a good time had by all.

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