Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

My Brother and I never really had one of those.

We are ten months and ten days apart, and we grew up more as friends than as siblings.  And I love it that way.

Tonight, however, was the first rivalry that I can remember in the history of us.

It was the basketball battle of my alma mater and the college which my brother is currently attending.  What are the odds that my Division 1 team would play my brother's small, NAIA school in an exhibition match?

I'm so grateful for my friend Kelli who offered to take me to the game using one of her family's extra tickets.   Together with our friend Lincoln, we managed to land 30 seconds of time on the big screen prior to tip off.  Lincoln "threw the bones,"  I awkwardly clapped to the beat of the song that was playing, and Kelli desperately tried to get us both to stop what we were doing so that they would take the camera off of us.  I was kind of hoping that nobody I knew was at that game to see my 30 seconds of fame, but in only a matter of minutes, I received some text messages from some people who saw my Devaney Center debut.  Oh, well.

On a dare from our friends Pete and Lincoln, we got Kelli to take a picture with Lil Red:

Both my brother and I were in attendance at tonight's game, and as luck would have it, my brother's seats were only two rows behind mine.  I'm sure the people in the seats around us loved that we were spending more time talking about our plans for Thanksgiving and our cousin's upcoming wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, than we were cheering on our teams.

The thing about my brother is, though, that while he plays football for Peru State and loves everything about his college experience, he is a Husker at heart.  He even told me a few days ago that he didn't know how he was going to walk into the Devaney Center wearing blue.

He did manage to sport a little bit of his Husker pride with his choice of hat:

I'm proud to say that my team came out on top, which was to be expected.   The score was something like 75-43.  But regardless of the score, it was a great experience just getting to catch up with my little brother.

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