Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bieber Fever

The day finally came.  Justin Bieber at the Quest Center.  Thank goodness I'm not the only twenty-something-year-old who has a major teensy bit of an obsession with this boy...

Meet Kelli, my partner in crime.

It would have been embarassing to go to the concert alone.  Thank goodness I knew at least one other person with good musical taste who would accompany me.

Before we headed to the concert, we made a stop in the Old Market for dinner.  We ate at Billy Frogg's, a bar and grille at which neither of us had ever eaten.  Of all the things on that menu, we ended up with a grilled cheese sandwhich, a kids chicken strip basket, and cheese balls.  We decided to justify our childish order with the idea that, since we'd be spending most of our evening with tween girls, we might as well eat like tween girls.  Legit, right?

It was at Billy Frogg's, however, that we began to realize that we had forgotten many concert necessities.  Because of our old age, we have completely lost touch with what all the cool kids do in preparation of a concert.

The first thing we saw was a group of girls with homemade Justin Bieber shirts.  Bright, neon-colored words professing their love for Justin Bieber adorned their shirts.  One group of girls even made matching shorts.  Why didn't we think of homemade Bieber attire?

Next, as we were fighting through the soccer mom traffic trying to find a parking spot, we realized that we didn't make signs that professed our love for Bieber.  Darn it, I knew we were forgetting something.

Another trend we noticed was that concert-goers these days dye their hair pink.  Neither of us brought our pink hair dye, so we had to just go with our normal hair coloring.  Shoot.

After an experience with a very rude police officer/traffic cop, we finally made our way to our seats.  Here we are, anxiously anticipating the concert:

After only a few minutes of sitting, we realized another thing we forgot to bring...

Ear plugs.

I have never heard so many screaming girls in my life.  And I am convinced that we were fortunate enough to be sitting directly in front of the world's loudest screaming girls.  I really felt like the old person when I resorted to plugging my ears whenever I anticipated screaming girls.

A few notes before I post pictures from the concert:

Did we have amazing seats?  No.
Do I have a really nice camera that takes amazing pictures?  No.

So, don't get your hopes up of seeing some really high-quality Bieber pictures.  If you want those, I suggest going to Google Images.  That being said, here come the pictures:

(I do not have pictures of the first two opening acts.  I did not know who they were, so I figured that I had better save my pictures for the real deal.  The first act was a group of five women who sang some cutesy songs about love and/or dancing.  Think Pussycat Dolls for a slightly younger crowd.  The second act was some girl named Jessica something.  The girls next to us seemed to think she was a big deal, so maybe I should've taken her picture.  But I didn't.)

Then, Sean Kingston came on stage!
He was a great performer!  I had forgotten how many hits he has had.

But now, on to what we all came here for.

They told us they needed a few minutes for a set change.  It was then that this mysterious ball appeared on stage:
What do you predict will happen to this ball?  Stay tuned to find out...

The next thing we knew, the ball moved out of the way and Justin Bieber was rising up to the stage from that black hole that was under the ball.

(cue screaming girls)

He opened with the song, "Love Me."  It's a catchy tune, I assure you.

Ready for more?

Next, they did some sort of chair routine.

Now, I know it is killing you to know what the purpose of that ball was, so I'll cut to the chase.

After some monologue about Justin wanting to come take a closer look at all the pretty girls in the crowd (cue more screaming), the ball, which has now transformed into a heart, drops down toward the stage:
He sat down in the heart while some stage people made sure he was secure.  They handed him his guitar, and off he flew into the crowd:
He serranaded the crowd with an a capella song.

He went back on stage for a few more songs, and then the ball/heart appeared again!  Only this time, it was a different shape.  And, again, out he flew:
Then, after a costume change and a few more numbers on stage,
We got a drum solo!
This kid is way talented.

Next, they brought Sean Kingston back out for "Eenie Meenie."
This is Kelli dancing to "Eenie Meenie:"
Justin then claimed that the next song would be his last.  He sang another a capella number and exited the stage.  There was even a cute little video tribute to Justin that played on the big screens.  The end of the video said, "Goodnight!  Love, Justin."

Kelli and I knew better.  We knew that there was no way that he would leave us without singing "Baby."  Pretty soon, the big screen said, "Do you want more?"

(cue loudest screaming of the night)

He came back out on stage for an encore performance of "Baby."

And then he said goodbye for real.  Sigh.

But, what an amazing concert it was!  I have no shame in having gone.
I think.

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