Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ceresco Days

A new tradition that I really love is how we choose to celebrate the completion of another class.  After our Building Communities class was finished on Friday, Steph invited us to come over to her house for dinner and then go to Ceresco Days with her and her family.

Dinner was delicious!  Her wonderful husband, Chuck, smoked meat for us to have for dinner.  He took into consideration my picky eating habits dietary restrictions and made me chicken nuggets.  What a thoughtful guy!

After dinner, we went to downtown Ceresco for the parade.  First, there is a kids parade.  Jess pulled Kinsley in a wagon, which was decorated like a horse:

After the kids parade, there is a regular parade complete with all of the small-town parade entries:  the fire trucks, some old tractors, the Shriners, class reunion floats, high school bands, and old cars.  There were also clowns, but I tried to avoid looking at them.

Miss K enjoyed the parade just as much as I did, especially waiting for candy to be thrown out to the parade observers...

One of Steph's cousins brought her dog to the parade.  Although Amber won't yet let Adam get a dog, she did enjoy hanging out with this one.

I loved watching Steph in her role as a mommy... she is so great at it!

Here we were on the blanket as we watched the parade:

Another great part of Ceresco days was eating this:

As much as I love funnel cakes, I couldn't eat it alone.  I had a great helper:

She loved it!

At the end of the night, we enjoyed watching the fireworks.

After the fireworks show, we bade farewell to Amber as she left for her trip to L.A.

A great ending to a great week!

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