Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ready or Not, Here They Come

I spent the past week in Wayne, America volunteering for the Nebraska Association of Student Councils Summer Leadership Workshop.  The theme this year, because of our 50th anniversary, was "Now and Then: 50 Years of Leadership.

This year's decorations featured elements of pop culture from each decade.

We arrive two days before all of our delegates so that we can make decorations and get everything set up and ready.
Courtney and Trevor are working on the door decorations.

Ben, Jeremy, Chad, Lincoln, Riley, Emily, and Hanna are putting nametags on lanyards.

Ashley was sad when she couldn't find her nametag.

Aside from getting work done, our staff also enjoys the pre-Workshop days as a time to re-connect with each other or get to know people who we don't know as well.
Kevin, Hanna, Jeff, Kelli, and Lane

 On the night before our delegates arrive, we have some sort of staff development activity.  This year, because of our 50th, we chose to assemble a time capsule.  Each staff member was asked to bring one item that represents NASC today.  The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in fifteen years.

Here are a couple of staffers explaining their items and placing them in the time capsule.
After the development activity, we finished up a few things and headed to bed, knowing that a good night's sleep would be hard to come by over the course of the next five days.

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