Sunday, January 9, 2011

Disco Pony

I am blessed to attend a church that invests so much into its youth programs.  One of my most favorite parts of my week is the time I spend volunteering as a sponsor for my church's youth group.  These kids are smart, funny, thoughtful, reflective, compassionate, and energetic, and I love working with them.

Tonight, we went to Laser Quest to play laser tag.  When you first begin, they ask you to make up a code name.  I told the employee that I couldn't think of anything good, so she suggested "Disco Pony."  It sounded good to me.

As we were waiting for our games to start, the kids enjoyed talking and hanging out.

But when it came time to play, these kids brought their A game.

In the first game we played, I came in 6th place out of about 20 people.

I needed a game to get warmed up.

During my second game, however...

Rank:  01

"The winner of this game was Disco Pony with a score of 688."

1st place out of 31 people!  Furthermore, I made the daily leaderboard, which displays the top five overall scores of the day.

And these kids thought they were the laser tag experts.  Ha!

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