Sunday, January 30, 2011

Golden Boy

This week was my friend Jeremy's golden birthday... he turned 26 on the 26th.  This was him on his day:


It was a school night, so he decided to celebrate on Saturday night.  We ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings...

Where we were able to pass the time by trying to win junk out of the machines...

Nobody from our camp won anything, but these two little girls kept coming over to try their luck:

And they were good.  Really good.

They were starting to accumulate quite the pile of winnings:

And when their dads sent them back with five more dollars, we started to place bets to determine how many they would win out of their ten possible tries.

Their pile grew bigger

And bigger...

Until they finally stopped after winning sixteen rubber balls.

I think it would've been cheaper for their dads to just hire a babysitter, but they did provide for some pretty good entertainment for us.

After dinner, we moved to Old Chicago to hang out.  While waiting for our little big cookie to be delivered, we figured out that Keith had invited nearly everyone at our table to the Lady Huskers basketball game on Wednesday.

Kelli decided to try to find out the order in which we were invited:

This is what she came up with:

And, she was pretty close to accurate... Keith went through his phone to confirm the order:

Oh, the things we choose to do with our time.

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

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